A functional training program designed for everyday life...

Goal: Become stronger, leaner, and more confident in your fitness potential - in six weeks!


Total Slots Available : 20 (10 AM Slots  / 10 PM Slots)

Duration: 6 weeks

Classes Per Week: 3

Total Classes: 18

Start Date: January 1, 2018

End Date: February 16, 2018

How It Works:

Prior to bootcamp commencement, each participant will have a 45-minute consultation with an instructor to discuss their goals and intentions for entering the program, as well as any information relevant to their success.

Over the course of 6 weeks the workouts will be modified to match the progress of each participant to ensure results.  

There will be two classes  each day per the schedule (morning and afternoon).  The morning class will be at 7 AM and will be taught by Josh Dais.  The afternoon class will be at 5:30 PM and will be taught by Tom Bellingham.  Both classes will have the same program.


The price for this bootcamp will be $110 for members, and $180 for non-members.  The non-member price includes a 6-week membership to BodyZone, which includes all member benefits.




Tom Bellingham 

Tom Bellingham, a firefighter with the Key West Fire Department, has lived on the island for 10 years and is originally from London,United Kingdom.   


- Top Level national UK cert. in personal training.(U.S. qualified)

- BSC hons in Sport Development with Coaching.

- Pro Soccer player in the English Premier League for 4 yrs with Fulham FC.

- Division 1 soccer coach at Coastal Carolina University.

- Strength and Conditioning Coach with SAQ qualifications at pro club Sheffield United FC, UK.

- Over 50 England national Futsal Caps.

Fun Fact: 

"I have played against David Beckham twice!”



Josh Dais 

Joshua Dais is new to the island, and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals in a fun and educational manner.


- Certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

- TRX Functional Training certified

- Prior health and fitness specialist at a hospital owned fitness facility 

Fun Fact:

"The first gym I worked at I started out as a janitor and weighed over 300 lbs.  Three and half years later I was the gym's leading personal trainer and only weighed 220 lbs. of lean muscle."